Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my room has been reserved?

There are a couple of ways that you will know that your room has been reserved:

  1. After you have submitted your request, you can click on ‘Find a Space’, navigate to the date you requested and you should find your event name during the time you requested.
  2. Within a short time (15 minutes), you should receive a “Request Pending” that was generated by the web application. This means that the systems has reserved your space according to the specifications listed on the receipt.
When will I receive a confirmation for my request?

Please allow two business days for your event to be reviewed. If you are a student organization, you will be prompted to submit an application to ISU Event Authorization and once approved through that process you will receive a final approval from the CTS website.

How do I know for sure that you will support my event?

We try our very best to support all requests for help that are entered into the web application. When you receive a “Request Confirmed” email, it means that we have personally reviewed your requirements and we will schedule our staff accordingly so that support is available to meet your needs.

Who do I call if I have a question about my request?

The best way to ask a question about your event request is to respond to the Pending, Confirmed, or Receipt email that was sent to you. That way the person in Collaborative Technology Services has all of the information they need to review the situation.

How do I cancel or make changes to my original request?

You will just reply to the “request pending” or “request confirmed” e-mail with your changes. We will make the change and send you a new confirmation.

Why am I being billed for more time than my actual requested time?

There is an additional 30 minutes charged to account for the service time required to prepare the space and technology for your event including the post event process. In our experience, 30 minutes is the nominal time required for pre and post event production.

What if I need to change the account number that I want the event to be charged to?

It’s easy to change the account number to be charged for your event services at any time in the process; simply reply to one of the email messages: Pending, Confirmed, or Receipt.

Why am I being asked for an account number if I am not requesting support?

We ask for an account number for all events regardless if support is requested or not. Compare it to staying in a hotel where the place of business collects a credit card in case you utilize any incidentals. For our process, should you change your mind and need support at the time of your event, we will be prepared to handle your request.

When can I expect a bill for these services?

You will receive an online billing confirmation following your event. You will then have two business days to review these charges. If no changes are required, your account will be charged for the amount in your billing confirmation.

Is there a way we can “self-support” with just a microphone and projector?

Based on availability, Alliant Energy – Lee Liu Auditorium is accessible to COE departments for self-service events (at no charge) from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Technology includes a laptop connection to projector and two microphones (lavalier and handheld). Some restrictions do apply; we ask that the event include a minimum of 75 people and last no more than two hours.

You are welcome to bring your own projection and sound equipment to the Howe Atrium. There are power outlets available in several floor box locations.